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January 26, 2024
The idea of a New Year is always invigorating. It’s the perfect time to plan a refresh in the spaces we live in. We truly believe in decorating with what you love. Following the crowd is not what we encourage. But keeping an eye on trends...
Thornhill Kitchen Renovation Storage Designs
February 15, 2021
We are choosing paint colours on a daily basis. Walls, trims, ceilings, doors, cabinetry and anything you can think of can be painted for a new look. 95% of the time, we go to our favourite neutral paint colours. Here are our favourite go-to Benjamin...
Den 2 (3)
June 19, 2020
2020 has had a crazy ride so far.  And though this design forecast list was started in January (we were just too busy to get it done), we believe all of these decor and design trends were in the making.  Covid-19 just propelled them into fast...
2020 Trends Grandmillenial
June 17, 2020
Call them ‘Old Souls’ that love a ‘grandma chic look’ or call them Grandmillenials, a term that was coined by House Beautiful back in fall 2019. It has become a design style movement. (Picture taken from Sotheby’s Home Blog)
Jurincic Fr
March 31, 2020
More than ever before we understand that our home is our safe haven.  To have all the comforts of home, whatever that may be for you, is true luxury.  And, is something to be grateful for.
Classic Blue Living Room
January 18, 2020
The Colour of the Year for 2020 has been selected by a number of authorities. Starting in October through to beginning of December the design industry is buzzing with announcements. Several factors help determine what the colour will be: economical climate, political climate, architectural and...
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June 05, 2019
Window treatments made up of both hard window treatments (blinds and shutters)  and soft window treatments (drapery and valances) can bring a room to the next level of luxury.
Cattelan Perspective 1
February 27, 2019
A poorly planned decorating or remodelling project can crush your dreams.  We’ve put together this before and after case study of an award-winning family room to explain the process we use to get our clients their dream room.
Richmond Hill Family Room Decor
January 31, 2019
Why is it that the rooms in magazine pictures or your instagram feed have that well, finished look?  The rooms seem to have personality and say something about the people who live there.
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December 02, 2018
First it was the silver trend; now its the gold thing…whichever one we’re in, most clients think you have to stick to the same one everywhere.  I always say, too much of a good thing is never a good thing.
Aurora Living Room Interior Design Decoration
November 08, 2018
Is it worth reupholstering this old sofa or is it better to just buy new?  Well, it depends.
September 10, 2018
Scrolling through our Instagram feed, I realize we really love our chairs! They allow personality, colour, and pattern to happen while being functional too!
Bedford Park Nortown Open Living Design
September 08, 2018
Beautifully crafted upholstered furniture can last a lifetime with minimal care.  Do these 3 things routinely and they will always sit pretty:)
It's All In The Details
September 22, 2017
One of the most common requests we receive from our clients is that they want their home to have a ‘designer’ look or the ‘wow’ factor. All the while, though, they want their home to reflect them.  So, the question is how does one accomplish...
Bathroom Renovation Collage
June 13, 2016
Hand in hand with a robust real estate market in the Toronto area is a booming renovation industry.  Whether to increase the value of their home, for aging in place, or for the sheer enjoyment of their property, homeowners are investing in their homes.
Upholstery 8
December 15, 2015
High Point Market is like the fashion runway of the furniture industry.  The latest trends and finishes are there to entice your senses.
Mary Macdonald Showroom 2
November 23, 2015
High Point Furniture Market is an amazing experience – miles and miles of eye candy for the home furnishings industry lover!
25th Collage
May 05, 2015
2015 marks 25 years of business for Lumar Interiors! And we won the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Small Business Achievement award – what a year!
Lumar 25 Years
April 23, 2015
Art Featured Image Framed Copy
January 26, 2015
Once the artwork is up, the room design feels complete.  Without art it feels like there is something missing – we liken it to a woman without her jewellery.
Lighting Collage
January 15, 2015
There is a whole lotta lighting happening here at Lumar Interiors.  We have sourced 25 light fixtures in the past 45 days:  some a little vintage, some a little bit modern, others oh, so classically beautiful!
January Collage
January 12, 2015
At about this time every year all the major publications and design bloggers put out their what’s hot/what’s not lists.  This year we’ve noticed a growing sentiment against this ritual.
Stanley Furniture Entrance
November 05, 2014
If you can manage to focus on the design details in the midst of High Point Furniture Market’s sensory overload, you will see many a beautiful thing.
Bedroom Blog Collage
September 24, 2014
We seem to be on a roll with custom bedrooms this past year.  They are one of our favourite spaces to design.
Living Room Aurora
September 23, 2014
Rooms with high ceilings or open to above can be quite the challenge to decorate.  We love the grandeur it gives to a space but want it to feel warm and dressed at the same time.
Living Room Aurora
September 21, 2014
The difference between nice and ‘wow’ in most interior design projects is the finishing touches.  The accessories, art, mirrors and pillows make the story come to life.  And home is where the story begins.
Luxury Bathroom Collage
August 17, 2014
Whether designing a highly utilitarian room like a bathroom or a showpiece space like a living room, you know you’ve hit the sweet spot when beauty meets function.
Teaching Collage
August 01, 2014
Over the years we’ve had many students do their co-op placement at our studio.  Local high schools in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and King City have called on us to help their students earn co-op credits in their respective design programs.
Blue Hydrangea
June 27, 2014
We’ve been seeing soft blues and acquas for a few years now.  I think that was to get us ready for what’s happening now!
Picmonkey Collage
June 27, 2014
Whether you love to use lots of colour in your home or want to add it simply as an accent, here are 4 hot colour combos in home decor you can try:

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