September 10, 2018

We’ve got this thing with chairs!

Scrolling through our Instagram feed, I realize we really love our chairs! They allow personality, colour, and pattern to happen while being functional too!

The truth is we love using beautiful fabrics – they are often our inspiration for the whole colour scheme.  We fall in love with one and it all takes off from there.  But most people won’t want anything too patterned on the sofas.  Understood.  Keeping them simpler usually yields a longer lifespan and better price points.  So we save the really pretty stuff for the pillows and chairs!


Sometimes we like to use a patterned fabric with fairly neutral colours in it.  Particularly when its an all neutral grey on grey room, some pattern adds some energy to the room.  In the chair below it had to move from the living room as extra seating to the dining room when needed.  It tied the various neutrals in the rooms together.

Occasional Chair As Dining Chair

Another great example of adding some energy to a room is this lovely chair below.  Mixing some yellow with the greys seems to also add some ‘happy’ to the space.  This young family’s family room was renovated and needed completely new furnishings.  We wanted a look that was comfortable for the boys but sharp looking for the parents too!

Striped Chair In Family Room

Adding some pattern to the grey dining chairs below just upped their game.  The solid hardwood frames and well padded upholstery comes from Quebec.  But rather than using the company’s in house fabric we sent them our own selection. This took the chairs to a whole other level of attractive and unique – perfect for this fashionable professional couple.

Dining Chairs Upholstered

And if you really can’t handle pattern and colour all over the chair, how about doing just the backs in a pattern?  These lovely dining chairs got a punch of fuschia on their backsides!  Love the way the chairs look lined up along the table. Sometimes this also allows you to put a more durable fabric on the seat and inside back which takes more of the abuse.  We save the more delicate fabric for the back which really doesn’t.

Upholstered Dining Chairs

Here are a couple of new chairs from the recent furniture show that really excited us.  Christopher Guy is always about beautiful curves and showstopping.  Luisa picked this one.

Christopher Guy chair

This chair was Cindy’s favourite pick in upholstery.  Sassy and comfortable!  It’s a modern twist on a classic wing chair style.

Cr Laine Chair

Finally, this was my stand out chair of the show. Theodore Alexander does beautiful upholstery – both new trad and contemporary.  Love the raspberry red colour and the Kelly Wearstler vibe.

Theodore Alexander Chair

Please visit our instagram feed to see more examples of our custom upholstery.  It is something we truly enjoy doing as it allows us to custom tailor the decor of a room to your personality and to kick it up a notch;)

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