March 31, 2020

Comfort of Home is a True Luxury

More than ever before we understand that our home is our safe haven.  To have all the comforts of home, whatever that may be for you, is true luxury. 

And, is something to be grateful for.

This past March Lumar Interiors is also grateful to have a 6 page editorial published on one of our favourite projects completed last fall. 

Our Homes Magazine
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These busy working executives called us as soon as they purchased the new house. With their hectic schedules and 2 kids in their early teens, we know how busy life can be! It would have taken years to complete a comfortably decorated home.

And the reality is, life gets in the way and it normally never gets ‘done’.

The new house was white on white on grey – very sterile and very different from what they wanted. Have a look at the ‘before’.

family room before
Family Room Before

So instead, together with their input, we took it from cool to warm and chic in 3 months.

Vaughan Family Room Furnishings Detail
Interesting detail on back of the custom sofas

Now don’t get me wrong; they had very strong opinions!  They knew what they liked and what they didn’t.  (Ideal clients!) So together we created a wish list and the look they were after.

Cindy created floor plans. Priceless. 

floor plan

These tell us how much furniture we need, what size rugs, etc… We use these floor plans right down to delivery day.  We are able to tell the delivery people exactly how far the rug goes from the walls and where to place the furniture.

Together we sourced hundreds of pieces of furniture, fabrics, lighting, carpets, etc…to make this house a home. We take into account all of the client’s wishes: provided durable fabrics with Crypton properties (see here); selected dining furniture that would be used by large family gatherings and didn’t say ‘don’t touch’; warmed up the 2 story sterile looking family room; replaced all the blingey light fixtures with warm, artisanal looking pieces; furnished and ‘dressed’ all the bedrooms with custom bedding and drapery; and finally accessorized bookcases and other surfaces with finishing touches. 

Jurincic Fr2
Sample Furniture, lighting and fabric selection Board

I repeat, all of this was done based on the client’s input and their final selections.  So the home reflects the family.  We simply limited the thousands of options available and co-ordinated the look. By presenting 3d computer renderings in conjunction with all the fabrics and finishes, we helped them visualize the final results. 

Jurincic Fr 2
Family Room Computer Rendering – Doesn’t this look like the final reveal of the room?

And now, with room for the family to grow, this family home offers the warm welcoming feeling that the homeowners were after.

I am sure they are enjoying their haven during these uneasy times.

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