June 19, 2020

Post Pandemic Decor and Design Forecast

2020 has had a crazy ride so far.  And though this design forecast list was started in January (we were just too busy to get it done), we believe all of these decor and design trends were in the making.  Covid-19 just propelled them into fast forward.  Here is our list of what can whip your home into a functional and stylish place post pandemic and for the new decade!

living room
Our latest project as featured in Our Homes Magazine
Featuring Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020 – Classic Blue

We are definitely living in a time of big changes. And for many people, the way we are using our homes is very different. During pandemic lockdown we are home all the time.  Partners are home; kids are home; pets are beginning to wish we would all leave to go to work….lol…
Designers have always felt that designing our homes is about both the “pretty stuff” and the functional part. Both are important for our psyche and comfort. But now more than ever, we believe people will finally understand this. 

1.  Multi-use rooms
Rarely used living rooms will enjoy a revival.  So have them house a writing desk so you can work from there if you don’t have a separate home office.  Also, French doors for sound control might be a consideration.

Dsc 6722 3
To see more of this home office designed by Lumar Interiors go here

2. Dedicated work space design
For video-conferencing at home, separate home offices may be required.

Dsc 6847 3
To see more of this home office designed by Lumar Interiors
 go here

3. End of open floor plan design
For a household that is home a lot, open plans might be too much interaction and noise. Therefore, there seems to a consensus amongst designers and architects that future design plans will have some closed off main floor spaces.

4. Dedicated spaces for package dropoffs
The foreseeable future sees the end of the need for mail boxes but a new need for a place to drop off packages.

5.  Increased need for pantry and frozen food storage design
Yes, 2020 will be known for the hoarding of flour and toilet paper.  However, have you ever gone into an Italian Nonna’s basement storage room? Fully equipped for a pandemic. Enough said.

6.  Resurgence of front porches and outside spaces
Remember when grandpa sat on the front porch and watched people walk by?  Hold that thought.

7.  Biophilic Decor and Design
Biophilic design incorporates nature into our spaces. Nature is fundamental to our well-being and feeds our health.  It is more than a potted plant or two. It requires a lot of natural light, natural materials and lots of greenery. 

Richmond Hill Upscale Dining Room Design
To see more of this home designed by Lumar Interiors go here

Millennials are definitely embracing growing their own vegetable gardens more than ever.  And in urban centres, vertical gardens have become very popular. Perfect for balconies too.

8.  Sustainable Decor and Design
Lumar has always been a huge proponent of “Buy well, buy once”.   Buying furniture that will last you a life-time means less waste. When designing new upholstery we always try to offer well wearing fabrics that will last.  New technologies like Crypton and Fibreguard allows for quick cleaning and a longer life for the fabric.

Richmond Hill Custom Upholstery
Fibreguard fabric on the sofa allows for easy cleaning.  See more of this project here.

And when the fabric is beyond cleaning, a good sofa can be reupholstered.  If it is a solid frame, it is well worth it and small cosmetic changes can also be made without much added cost.  Legs can replace skirts; arms can be tailored differently., etc.

This antique bench below was reupholstered in a beautiful velvet animal print.  This totally updated the look and saved a gorgeous hand-carved piece from going to the landfill.

20200619 113945
Photography for this home designed by Lumar Interiors coming soon

9.  Grandmillenial Design Style
This trend was coined by House Beautiful last fall and has become a real thing among 25-40 year olds. They are seeking the elegant look and comfort of their grandparents’ homes but are doing it in a fresh new way. The look incorporates florals, cane/wicker furniture, bright colours and collections of porcelain or needlepoint pillows. 

2020 Trends Grandmillenial
Taken from Sotheby’s Home Blog
See our latest blog post about this ‘granny-chic’ style.

Though this trend started pre-pandemic, the look of warmth and comfort of tradition can bring you to a happy place.  Perhaps, this is something we will want and continue in post-pandemic design.

Covid-19 will hopefully bring many positive changes to our living environments.People are slowing down and paying attention to their homes like never before:  both to the pretty part and the functioinal part.

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