June 17, 2020

Grandmillenial Style – A New Decor Movement

Call them ‘Old Souls’ that love a ‘grandma chic look’ or call them Grandmillenials, a term that was coined by House Beautiful back in fall 2019. It has become a design style movement. (Picture taken from Sotheby’s Home Blog)

One Kings Lane
Photo from One KIng’s Lane

Grandmillenials range from the mid twenties to late thirties and are really loving what mainstream culture would consider outdated. Scrolling through Instagram you will typically find loads and loads of neutral rooms in a contemporary style. Grandmillenials are rebelling against this design monotony. (Yay!)

They prefer a new take on a traditional aesthetic. Not the tea-stained overdone look of the 80’s but a fresh version. It’s nostalgic and inspired by the cozy comfort of their grandparents’ homes. And it allows for personality to shine through. But using bright colours and mixing modern elements keep it from slipping into granny’s look.

Thestylebungalow Grandmillenial
The Style Bungalow Instagram

Gucci Granny Chic

Even Gucci made granny chic look cool and trendy. On a visit to Soho, New York last fall, the Gucci store was filled with nostalgia. It really brought you back to another world.

20200608 200507 Resized
Gucci Shop in Soho New York

Over at Bergdorf’s the Gucci nostalgia look continued. They had glorious china as well as furniture displayed against traditional wallpaper. (ala degournay)

20200608 200819 Resized
Bergdorf Goodman

In the current issue of Traditionl Home, there is a great story about a young couple who go full on traditional in their home design. They used floral chintz and wallpapers throughout. Their designer Courtney Coleman made a great observation. “Traditional style is kind of avant-garde for people their age. They kind of made a statement without making a statement.”

Trad Home Courtney Coleman
Designed by Courtney Coleman via Traditional Home Magazine

How to get the look

Grandmillenials are incorporating older vintage or antique finds in their home decor and combining them with newer pieces or modern pieces to achieve a more patina’d look. An old antique can add depth and history to a room. (which by the way are a great steal these days due to their lack of demand over the past decade) Alternatively, a reupholstered piece handed down from a grandparent can add to your life’s story and reflect an interest in sustainability.

They look to incorporate florals both on fabric and wallpaper. Some white wicker adds freshness, and tufted velvet is a must have. Grand chandeliers and collections of porcelain and needlepoint pillows add that granny touch.

Southern Living from Hadley Court Blog

These millenials are looking to find something more than the homogenized design world of Instagram. They are looking to add their own personality in their spaces. Their interiors are about comfort and telling a new story while celebrating the past.

We say, go ahead and make your statement. We are loving the look – call us old souls:)

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