February 15, 2021

Our Top 5 Favourite No Fail Neutral Paint Colours

We are choosing paint colours on a daily basis. Walls, trims, ceilings, doors, cabinetry and anything you can think of can be painted for a new look. 95% of the time, we go to our favourite neutral paint colours.

Here are our favourite go-to Benjamin Moore neutral paint colours now….

Though we get excited if clients want to use really saturated colours, typically people like to surround themselves with neutrals as their backdrop and they like to add colour in furnishings, rugs, etc..

White has become the new grey. Flipping through your favourite magazine or your Insta feed, it seems to be the ‘colour’ of choice on walls these days. Some people tend towards warmer neutrals, others love a real cool neutral. And like greys off whites can tend towards cool or warm. So depending on light exposure and clients’ preferences we have a few favourite go-to’s we thought we would share with you.

Our Go To Neutral Paint Colours 2

The Cleanest White Neutral

For clean white baseboards and trims, we are loving the neutral Chantilly Lace, OC-65. It has no warm or cool undertone. We’ve used it on Kitchen cabinetry and on trims in this project.

Favourite Cool Neutral Paint Colour

More often than not people are painting walls a light soft neutral. Whether they are pannelled walls or straight paint, so much of what you see now is an off-white backdrop. So for those clients who lean towards a cool backdrop our favourite neutral paint colour is Silver Satin, OC-26. For example, in the project below, we painted this colour above the wainscotting.

Favourite Warm Neutral Paint Colour

When clients are looking for a warmer feel but still light and fresh, our go- to is Pale Oak, OC-20. When someone is requesting a grey paint colour, they often think I’m showing them beige when I show them this. It really isn’t. It’s on the warm side of the spectrum. And it’s usually needed if you are trying to meld some warm tones from other elements in the space. For example, in the space below there was a limestone front entrance flooring just outside this room. (not visible in the photo) So we couldn’t go too cool and opted for this favourite neutral paint colour instead.

Our Favourite Dark Neutral Paint Colours

Aside from really light pale colours, sometimes dark charcoal or blacks are needed to offset these light elements. We often use dark charcoal or black on interior and exterior doors. Our favourite dark charcoal is Wrought Iron, 2124-10. We love it because it has depth but is not harsh. It works with any colour. For example there are french doors way back in the picture below that we have painted this wonderful dark gray.

kitchen cabinetry
To see more of the lovely home go here

If a beautiful black is what you are looking for but don’t want a harsh black, our favourite is Onyx, 2133-10. It’s really dark but a little softer. This also looks great on interior doors.

IMage From the And Christina Blog

Whether you go cool or warm, dark or light, a lot of things are taken into consideration. Most people have a predisposition to warm or cool but we also look at the surroundings and what it has to go with. If you need some help, give us a call.

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