September 24, 2014

Decorating the bedroom headboard wall

We seem to be on a roll with custom bedrooms this past year.  They are one of our favourite spaces to design.

They involve lots of soft furnishings like bedding, drapery and upholstery where you can really go to town with custom details (which we love, of course).  But they also allow us to add beautiful wood pieces and gorgeous jewellery!  ( we mean the lamps, chandeliers, art, mirrors….) Visit our Pinterest boards to see all kinds of great ideas.

However, the process is half the fun!  And unfortunately many people stop at the obvious pieces:  the furniture and bedding.   We love to make the headboard wall really work magic like a magazine picture.  All the details are taken into consideration.

We often do an elevation drawing like the one below.  Not only does it help the client visualize what the finished look will be but also helps us in our sourcing.  In this particular case, we probably played around with a few versions of this before we decided on this one. This drawing clarified the exact height to make the headboard and the size of mirrors to look for.  It was all done in proportion to the client’s existing lamps and the new bedside chests that we had spec’d.

custom upholstered headboard

This is what the above translated to…

custom headboard design Richmond Hill

Lumar Interiors

On the next project, the electrical for the sconces were already in place before we entered the picture.  So we had to find ones that filled the space properly.  In this case, the existing headboard was lower so we opted for art work above it to create some drama and fill in the space.   Stay tuned for the ‘after’.

custom bedroom

In the picture below, we love the way the dramatic art of the chandelier sets off this pretty simple room.

headboard wall

Via Home Design Note

Dying to do chinoiserie panels on either side of a bed like the picture below.  They are just perfect for a bedroom.  Don’t you think?

headboard wall

Design via

And you definitely can’t go wrong with a classic sunburst over a headboard.  The perfect exclamation point!

custom bedroom decor

via Whitehaveninteriors.blogspot

Or, simply wallpaper the headboard wall to create an impactful focal point.

King City bedroom decor

Design by Lumar Interiors

So if you are looking for some great ideas on how to take your bedroom walls from nice to fabulous, give us a call or [email protected]

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