September 23, 2014

Decorating 2-storey high walls

Rooms with high ceilings or open to above can be quite the challenge to decorate.  We love the grandeur it gives to a space but want it to feel warm and dressed at the same time.


living room luxury decor


Large pieces of art is sometimes not enough.  To really ground the living room above, we hung a beautiful wooden screen on the wall behind the sofa.

living room decoration

Lumar Interiors


The screen was about 7′ by 7′ and filled the space beautifully.  You can see it is hinged so it can be used as a floor screen too.

decorative crafts hand painted screen

Decorative Crafts hand painted screen


For a softer, less colourful look you can also find more tone-on-tone versions of this chinoiserie feel.

Decorative Crafts screen

Decorative Crafts hand painted screen

Other times you can do something with the walls themselves to have them feel less cavernous.

You can apply picture mouldings and wallpaper inside.  In this case in our Aurora classic project we used a linen wallpaper for a warm rich texture.


picture moulding panels

Lumar Interiors


You can see it again here in the stairwell.  And the grouping of art also fills the space in beautifully.


staircase moulding

Lumar Interiors


In this stunning craftsman style staircase, the wall panelling adds interest and the large art mirrors the large windows beside them.

stairwell design

Interiors by Studio M


Whether you are using a large screen or groupings of art to fill your walls or whether you are using mouldings and panelling to add interest and warmth, proportion is key in creating balance.

So if you need some help, [email protected].  We’d love to help.



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