• Love the folding screen idea. I also love that lantern in the stairwell. Great ideas!

    • Thanks Christina for stopping by our blog. I love the folding screen too. We’ve used it a few times now. Got it through Decorative crafts and not too expensive considering the impact. Thanks again!

  • Marisa-I love that your blog is so consistent with your style. Your room is gorgeous. I love the idea of using a screen. I’m more contemporary in my home, but I have a vaulted ceiling behind my couch and a screen would look great! Is it really heavy? How did you anchor it to the wall?

    • Hi Lisa. Thanks so much. Decorative Crafts also has more transitional looking screens. My installer had to have someone help him support it while he hung it. I believe he just used heavy duty anchors and screws… with heavy duty screwed in hooks on the back of it.

  • Marisa,

    All of your examples are beautiful. Your last photo is my favorite. There’s just something about paneling and thick moldings…

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