Custom Interior Design Thornhill
Custom Interior Design Thornhill


Tips, Tidbits, and Updates From Our Design Studio.

April 29, 2011
  The lines have become blurred.  But that’s a good thing. Looks evolve over time:   fashion does as well as home decor.  Otherwise, we’d still be sporting animal skins as clothing and living in caves.  The direction of traditional home decor has shifted in...
April 12, 2011
There’s no place like home. Don’t you find that even after a great vacation it feels so good to turn on to your street and approach your house?  Whether you were on a wonderful European vacation or a short stay at a Caribbean resort, there’s...
April 05, 2011
After 21 years in the decorating business, why start a blog? Malcolm Gladwell made famous the concept of needing 10,000 hours in a given field to be considered an expert. Well, I’ve done over 40,000 in interior decorating and combined with my business partner, Luisa,...

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