January 26, 2015


Once the artwork is up, the room design feels complete.  Without art it feels like there is something missing – we liken it to a woman without her jewellery.

As we get closer to finishing up projects we usually delve into serious art stalking. You will see a few we have on order for projects below.

We have a couple of sources for original art but for the most part our clients are buying pieces that are good quality reproductions – lithos, hand embellished giclees, – that sort of thing.  Going back to jewellery,  we’re not talking about H&M quality ‘jewellery’ (no offence there – I’ve bought a few fun things there myself) but more the better quality Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Coach quality.  Make sense?

Art, in my opinion, has become very accessible.  And it can be a true expression of your personality.  So use it to add some to your home!

At High Point Market last fall I noticed not only oversized art but a growing trend using portraiture.  Everything from the regal Napoleonic type or Catherine the Great type portrait to more modern pieces like the one below.

Sometimes all a neutral room needs is a burst of colour in its art.

blog post 11 adds colour suzanne kasler

Suzanne Kasler Design

Or sometimes the art pulls together what seems to be disparate colour combinations like the one below.

blog post 12 pulling colour together

Suellen Gregory Design

One of our favourite genres of art is the cityscape watercolour or oil.  The grouping below is done in a very ethereal manner whisking you along in a dream.

art grouping

Jessica Lagrange Design

Photography as art has been trending in the past few years but is really a classic.

blog art photography

Cullman Kravis Design

And how chic is this to add a large modern floral above the Louis XVI fauteuil chair and antique bust?

Looking at a grouping of art like below is my version of being in a candy store.

Black and white or sepia toned art makes for drama against white walls.

Again a single large flower in a stunning colour adds such depth to this room and an obvious focal point.

Collections of framed intaglios are simply beautiful.  In earlier historical times the intaglios could have been made from plaster or gem stones.  They were often souvenirs from the travels of the wealthy.  Today some admirers collect antique ones and frame them shadow box style.  Or you can buy reproductions and add a certain understated panache to your room.

Finally if you have a beautiful silk scarf hanging around that you don’t wear you can frame it as art like these Hermes scarves below.

art blog 3 framed vintage hermes scarves

Now for a small sampling of what we’ve been ordering for clients:

Susie, our decorator extrordinaire, recently installed this grouping in a hallway for a client .  This is simple elegance that you will not ever tire of.

uttermost ferns

Luisa proposed these for a large kitchen either side of a fireplace.  This house is in the Scarborough bluffs area of Toronto and the back of the house overlooks a ravine.  So the neutral tones of the art doesn’t take away from the views but adds to the outdoor feeling.  The birds and butterflies are perfect.

leftbank bird art collage

I’m waiting for these to come in for a ‘purple’ bedroom we worked on last fall. The room has antique white painted nightstands and dresser but a new upholstered headboard in the lilac shade with an area rug combining the cream and lilac.  These will be a modern but soft twist to this romantic bedroom.

Leftbank art

And this we ordered in, just because.  sigh.

Leftbank art

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