August 01, 2014

King City High Design Student – An Architect in the Making

Over the years we’ve had many students do their co-op placement at our studio.  Local high schools in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and King City have called on us to help their students earn co-op credits in their respective design programs.

We always say actually working in the interior design or decorating industry is the best way to determine whether you will really like field.  On the outside, many jobs look glamorous or fun and perhaps, our industry has that reputation due to HGTV.  They make it look easy and what fun!  I wouldn’t trade my field of choice for any other but I’m not sure people are aware of what goes on in the background….A LOT of work!

Rhea, our summer student, has been an absolute delight to have with us – such a sharp girl!  She is thinking of going into architecture but wanted to explore the interior design world too.  I’m going to have her tell you a little bit about herself in her own words:

design intern

Our design student Rhea tackling our paint chip situation

She says,

My name is Rhea Mazgaonkar.  I am 16 years old and about to enter my senior year at King City Secondary School.  I have been working at Lumar Interiors for the past month as a placement for my Summer Co-operative Education Program, because I wanted to gain insight into an interior decorator’s roles and responsibilities.

I come from a family of architects, contractors, painters and interior designers.  Because of this, I’ve always had an idea of what craftspeople do from a very young age.  This eventually influenced my decision of becoming an architect like my grandfather.  This young interest helped me gain hands-on skills: from a 3rd grader in beginner art classes to painting murals on bedroom walls. 

Being at Lumar Interiors, I was able to perform a variety of tasks such as ordering memo samples, answering calls, organizing fabrics and so on…Fortunately, I was able to assist Luisa and Marisa with fabric, furniture, and artwork selection for their clients.  I was also given the opportunity to meet clients at their homes.  I’ve learned many decorating essentials from the importance of gaining a client’s trust and respect to the difference between velvet and suede!

My experience at Lumar Interiors has been incredible.  After a month’s worth of absorbing the dedication and determination of these lovely women, I am beginning to consider applying to Ryerson’s Interior Design program after high school.  I thank them for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow at Lumar Interiors. (expect big presents).

Is she a doll or what?  We have been so blessed with such wonderful young students and are happy to share the business of design with them.  I highly recommend other designers and decorators take on co-op students – its a win-win for all.

design student

We wish Rhea all the best in her future endeavours – her positive, bright personality combined with her amazing creative skills will take her very far in any field she decides on.

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