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Tips, Tidbits, and Updates From Our Design Studio.

December 17, 2012
Stunning!  That sums it up pretty well I think. These are all new introductions of this past year from some of our favourite suppliers .  The middle inspirational photo is taken from Pinterest.  They are the perfect place to perch a beautiful vase of seasonal...
December 14, 2012
  So your front hall sets the tone for the rest of the house, right?  You’ve heard that before.  Then why not put something there that speaks of your personality or the personality of the home?
December 12, 2012
Hope you already have the ‘perfect’ cocktail table for your living room….you will hopefully be putting it to good use this holiday season.  I don’t understand people who say they never use their living room, cause that’s one of my favourite rooms of the house....
December 10, 2012
Don’t you find you crave simplicity more and more….?  Yet, the holidays seem to get busier and crazier.  So here are a few no-brainer ideas to decorate your home this season and get you and your family in the holiday spirit.
December 03, 2012
Love the feel of this home – right from the long driveway leading up to this custom built house – down to the stunning light fixtures.  It sweeps you away to a grand home in the country but one that is warm and lived in....
November 07, 2012
To die for!  That’s all I can say about this paper. And expensive.  No nicer way to say it… But there is nothing out there that compares.  We’ve looked.  This is a textured linen fabric on paper with a slightly metallic damask printed on top....
November 01, 2012
After 20 years or so, who doesn’t need a refresher?  Sure, you could trade it in for a younger model 😉 but maybe you just need to rekindle that love.
October 29, 2012
Many would argue that the attention to details is what takes the project from good to great.
October 21, 2012
I love artwork. Whether it be a poster, a painting, a lithograph or photography, it can add so much to a space even changing the feel or mood.
October 10, 2012
Apparently both. When tapestries weave their way on to the fashion runways of top designers, you know they are going to be big in home decor too.  The two industries are more closely related than ever with trends in each almost occurring simultaneously now.
September 24, 2012
Fashionistas and decoristas love it! Chinoiserie is a french term used to describe an eastern influence on decoration.  This style entered the European scene in the mid 17th century when French Kings adorned their country homes with it.   Today with an ever-increasing trend towards...
September 20, 2012
Her first collection for Kravet was good – but the consensus in our office is this second one is GORGEOUS!
September 19, 2012
It’s a way of life. I’m no expert on Parisian style.  We were only there 10 days, but in my humble opinion Parisian chic prevailed wherever we went.  It might have been in different flavours from one neighbourhood to another but it was always about...
July 25, 2012
Who doesn’t love damask? It’s the newfound classic! This pattern is the chameleon of designs. Place it in any style room and colour scheme; it will adapt and enhance the atmosphere you want to set. From furniture to fabrics, from wallpaper to rugs its EVERYWHERE!...
July 18, 2012
Interest, sophistication and rhythm are just a few reasons why we love geometric patterns. They are great for any scheme and will fit into any style whether that is traditional, modern, formal or casual.
June 29, 2012
Sometimes we get stuck.  (or truth be told, I mean, clients get stuck) We see a piece that looks a little country or a little rock-n-roll and we think it could only fit into a country room or a Rolling Stones condo.
June 19, 2012
Styling or accessorizing a room is like the icing on the cake.  This is where you can really give it some personality.   It is by far one of the most satisfying parts of the decorating process.  When you stop short of this it really...
April 13, 2012
We can’t give it all away so we’ll show you just one of our favourite shots.  And I say just one cause really there are so many beautiful vignettes.  This is a beautiful handcrafted wood chest from a company called French Heritage.  It is actually...
April 10, 2012
Bookmark this post if you want to refer to beautifully detailed custom window treatments.  Just saying.
March 17, 2012
Shall we talk frankly…..custom cuhions are crazy expensive.  There.  We said it….done.  But aren’t they gorgeous?
March 10, 2012
What you do on the walls and the ceiling (referred to as the fifth wall) has a huge impact in your decoration.  You can almost do nothing else but do something impactful with the walls and it will give you instant gratification.
February 28, 2012
We are photographing a home in Aurora, Ontario that we’ve been working on for the last 8 or 9 months.  So why is there so much anxiety just 2 weeks before the shoot?  Well, let me count the ways….
February 18, 2012
A while back I posted that ‘chairs are like shoes’.  So shoes and jewellery are my favourite things….I guess that means I love chairs and lamps!
February 16, 2012
Why do we love and appreciate comfortable and luxurious accomodations in hotel rooms and yet not give them nearly as much importance in our own homes?
December 14, 2011
When you’ve been doing this as long as we have, you have a lot of past clients (thank you, we love them).  So, we’ve spec’d a lot of homes in the trend colours of the  last decade with camels, tans, golds,… for their walls.  Guess...
September 19, 2011
I wish it was like HGTV and it could all be  done in one day. The reality is it takes months to put together a room, let alone a few rooms.  It starts with the planning:   floor planning, furniture selections, colour selections, fabric selections, accessories...
August 25, 2011
I really don’t understand how one can distress over what to wear but not what shoes to finish the outfit with.  Similarly, so much attention is given to the main pieces of upholstery in a room, namely the sofa, but not the chairs.  I’d give...
July 05, 2011
  Even when wallpaper was ‘out’,  some of the best dressed homes sported very fashionable wallcoverings. You just can’t beat the impact or warmth it can give to a room.  Think about it – its a lot of square footage you can cover.
May 19, 2011
Why do we flock to the garden centres in spring?   By mid-March we’re tired of our grey and black clothing and grey skies, particularly those of us living in northern climates.     New York decorator Mario Buatta says that ‘colour is a mood...
May 12, 2011
There is something authentic and stylish about that. Who doesn’t love a bargain?  I don’t mean a bargain on junk but on good quality items.  Decorators ‘get’ it; you’ll find lots of ‘bargains’ in my home right along side the $$$$ down-filled sofa.  It usually...

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