September 22, 2017

It’s All in the Details

One of the most common requests we receive from our clients is that they want their home to have a ‘designer’ look or the ‘wow’ factor. All the while, though, they want their home to reflect them.  So, the question is how does one accomplish this?

DETAILS. Often when decorating a room there are so many decisions to be made that the fine details get overlooked. But its the details that make the difference. Beginning with the choice of colours for your walls, floors and ceilings right down to the nailhead trim on a piece of upholstery – all these details make up the final beautiful composition.

daybed spare room

In this room there are  a few things that give you that ‘WOW’ effect. First, the bright and happy geometric area rug adds a beautiful contrast to the monochromatic room of greys. Secondly, the play with geometrics and scale gives the room lots of interest. The ottoman has a tight diamond pattern, the chair a medium size geometric and the rug an even larger pattern. Thirdly, the sumptuous gray linen daybed gets added interest with the dramatic pattern we designed with the nail head trim.  All in all, a room that says ‘wow’.

In this Dining Room we have a monochromatic colour palette of blush and corals.  We really made it a show piece by adding a lot of textures and finishes. We have a plush, 2-tone,  modern patterned area rug that really grounds the space. The head chairs are stained in a matte finish which really contrast the oval dining table that is also solid wood but in a high gloss finish. We allowed the head chairs to pop with the use of two different fabrics while the side chairs were upholstered in a solid fabric. What makes the side chairs special is the round backs.  The drapery was done in a soft blush coloured silk drapery, but we added a Greek Key trim for some added detail – truly a designer look.

zebra wood table in family room

In this Family Room we really played with pattern and texture. This star shaped, zebra wood veneer accent table is a conversation piece bringing an edgey and unique touch to the room. All the angles on this table are balanced by the animal print chairs that have very soft lines and colours. The soft velvets add a wonderful tactile texture to the room.


Finally, from our latest project, you can see the detail of contrast piping on our chair seat and arms and on the pillow.  We painstakingly looked for the perfect contrast colour velvet to use for our chair welting.  We wanted something that matched the background but was not too heavy in weight.  Similarly, on the orange back cushion, our choices were to self pipe in the same fabric (but that wouldn’t define the cushion very well), no piping (again, lacks definition) or find a solid orange that would finish it perfectly.  And we did.  It’s all in the details and that’s what we do best.

We like to think that we take your wish list and make it better with all the details! That’s how we make it uniquely you!

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