January 31, 2019

The finishing touches in home decor

Why is it that the rooms in magazine pictures or your instagram feed have that well, finished look?  The rooms seem to have personality and say something about the people who live there.

Whether you are in your 30’s buying your first family home (some call it ‘adulting’), or in your 40’s and 50’s and have finally bought your dream home or are downsizing and can afford to finally get it done the way you want…we all crave ‘that finished look’.  Here is a room we accessorized for photography.

Dsc 7517

AFTER ACCESSORIZING – Go Here to view more of this Vaughan Home

Here is the same room before the little finishing touches. Same beautiful cabinet, upholstery, carpet, paint, wallpaper…etc.  But NO art, lamp, stunning pillows, throw…etc…

living room custom upholstery no accessories


Big difference! Right?  The Before is a little bland.  And you know what?  If you don’t finish it, it often stays that way for a looong time.  We get used to our surroundings and get desensitized to them.

Understandably clients get a little overwhelmed after having made tons of decisions about all the furnishings, fabrics, colours, finishes, etc….So sometimes they don’t quite get to the end.  Honestly though, our happiest clients are the ones that do finish it.  It gives you the most satisfaction.

It’s that last 15-20% of the cost of the room that really takes it over the finish line.  If you want that “wow” or simply that “finished” feeling, consider these 6 things that do just that.

  1. Do add custom throw pillows  – Just don’t look at the price tag;)  They do get pricey but really elevate the sofa.  We often put a more reasonably priced fabric on the sofa that requires 18 yards, and then do amazing cushions in the more expensive fabrics for the drama!
Bedford Park Custom Throw Pillows

Luxurious feather filled pillows for drama! Go Here to view more of this Toronto Home

2.  Vary your mirrors and art – Usually we have 3 walls to decorate in a room.  So we often use mirrors to reflect something beautiful like a chandelier or more art.  It adds twinkle and life to a room.  That still leaves 2 more walls for art.  We also like to vary the sizing.  Perhaps one wall will get a large piece and the other a grouping. By varying the pieces you get some rhythm  and interest to the room.

Stouffville interior design dining room luxury

Stunning mirror and art reflected in the background – Go Here to view more of this Stouffville home

3.  Insert some footstools – Not your full sized ottoman; but a cute accent one that can be moved around as needed.  Little kids can play games at the coffee table sitting on them. Or you can pull them up to your favourite chair to put your feet on.  

Custom upholstered ottoman nailhead

Custom Upholstered Accent Stools by Lumar Interiors

4.  Must have a throw or blanket – I dare you to find a magazine or Instagram pic of a room without one…lol.  It adds warmth and texture and can add colour.

luxury bedroom designer

A blanket or throw to add texture or colour – Go here to view more of this Stouffville home

5.  Accessorize your table tops – For tops of chests, cocktail tables, cabinets…Use this to personalize your space.  Add a box to store converters or keys or special notes or cards from the kids.  This makes them multifunctional – pretty and functional.  The layering and grouping of accessories adds dimension without looking cluttered.

Richmond Hill designer luxury

Boxes and pretty items to dress up a front hall chest. Go Here to view more of this Richmond Hill home

6.  Add plants and flowers – They literally breathe life into a space. This is why you always see greenery in magazine pics too!  Sometimes you need to add colour; other times you just want some green life and not to mention some plants help purify the air!

family room accessories

Plants and florals to add life to a space – Go here to view more of this Richmond Hill home

It’s the little things that add the personality and give the room life.  Otherwise, it’s just beautiful furniture.  Layer the finishing touches for that magazine worthy look and a home you will love!

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