May 14, 2013

Too busy to decorate?

We KNOW how much time it takes.  We do it everyday. But for those who aren’t so familiar with the process let us enlighten you a little. Let’s look at decorating a young lady’s bedroom, for instance.  The gorgeous room below didn’t just appear overnight.


Bedroom decor by Lumar Interiors

Bedroom decor by Lumar Interiors

First we started with this…

Fabulous fabric selections

The wallpaper we selected for the focal wall was a wonderful deep charcoal with a hint of purple in it.  This girl wanted a glamorous look using velvets, silks and shimmer.  There were at least 5 fabric selections to be made just for the bed (comforter, skirt, pillows and headboard) and 2 more for the window coverings.    Then the fabrics had to be sent to 3 different workrooms:  one that specializes in the drapery, another that does bedding and the third does upholstery.

Here is a shot of the window treatment on one side of the room and the chairs that were reupholstered from another room and re-purposed in her room. Oh and that’s an additional fabric we had to choose for the upholstery.  After tearing apart the sample studio and narrowing it down for her we gave her a few fabrics to choose from for each element.

Reupholstered chairs and ottoman

Then we had to look for some nightstands and lamps.  Again, after narrowing it down to a couple, the client made her selection.

A beautiful bombe chest and crystal lamp for sparkle

Over on the other side of the room, the young lady needed a vanity table and chair and another window treatment.  Wood furniture was bought raw and was stained.  The furniture went from the vendor to the refinisher and then the chair went to the upholsterer to get covered.

custom chair for vanity

Co-ordination was then needed in getting furniture from upholsterers and vendors, and soft goods from drapery, bedding and upholstery workrooms.  Hardware to hang drapery had to be ordered and installers arranged.

Can you guess how many hours was spent

  • pre-selecting things we liked
  • co-ordinating
  • finalizing decisions
  • ordering
  • phone calls/faxes/emails to workrooms to follow up with orders
  • arranging installations, deliveries

So we get it.  Sometimes decorating can take a lot of time.  Give us a call if you want someone to help you with the process.  We at Lumar have been doing it for over 20 years.  We just might circumvent issues that come up here and there like backorders, wrong colours, wrong sizes, comes in broken or damaged…..the list goes on.  It’s all in a day’s work for us:)

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