September 20, 2012

New Candice Olson fabric collection for Kravet

Her first collection for Kravet was good – but the consensus in our office is this second one is GORGEOUS!


Stunning Collection from Candice Olson

You may have heard a lot of talk about colour being ‘back’ lately.  Well it is.  Colour is out in full force.   However, we tend to be forgetful of pattern and texture. These two elements is what complements everyone’s style and is essential for interest and depth in a space.  So if you prefer neutrals with a hint of colour you will love Candice’s new collection!


Candice Olsen fabrics on furniture

Stunning fabrics add texture and warmth!


Candice Olsen’s new line of fabrics allows for a comfortable and durable home as well as an elegant and tasteful one.  The collection  includes soft textured solids, damasks, velvets, stripes, geometrics  and some glitter!  That’s what Candice is all about:  mixing matte and shiny, old and new…

Call us if you’d like to get a better look at it or [email protected]


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