May 12, 2011

Luxury meets bargain finds

There is something authentic and stylish about that.

Who doesn’t love a bargain?  I don’t mean a bargain on junk but on good quality items.  Decorators ‘get’ it; you’ll find lots of ‘bargains’ in my home right along side the $$$$ down-filled sofa.  It usually isn’t just about the great price (although that really makes you feel like you’ve scored);  its usually something that catches your eye in the first place.  And you’ve got to seize the opportunity when faced with it or it will be gone before you know it.  So, you say you haven’t got the trained eye to make those quick decisions.  I say some practice helps but if you get things you love, it’ll always express YOU and you’ll find a place for it.  That’s what makes it authentic.  You’re not just going after the latest trends but reflecting what YOU like and what looks good in your mind.

Mirror over sofa: A Bombay Co. bargain from over 20 years ago!

This mirror over the sofa has had a few different homes within my home.  I bought it from the Bombay company on clearance over 20 years ago for about $75.  And that was before my eye became better trained.  I just loved it, so I bought it.  It sits over my beautiful, down-filled sofa and adds some glitter to the room.

Speaking of luxury, that raspberry coloured chair and pouf in my living room were also a great bargain find.  I was in the Brunswig and Fils showroom a few years ago and the shape and colour of this chair just caught my eye.  Then they told me they were clearing the furniture on the floor for half off my cost! Well, it wasn’t even a pattern I would have remotely considered had I done this from scratch.  But I kind of liked the element of surprise it gave to my otherwise traditional room. To this day it makes me smile when I look at it.  Totally unexpected – luxury at a bargain price!


The cheerful green chair greets you at the front door

I remember coming to a screeching halt on a quiet street in Richmond Hill as I passed a yard sale a few years ago.  This green chair caught my eye.  I was on my way to a client appointment.  I had to make a quick decision (as I was running late!).  For $40 how could I go wrong and I just loved the carving and it was done up  in one of my favourite colours – didn’t even need reupholstering!  Now it sits in my front hall under a light fixture that costs probably 6X the chair.  Luxury meets bargain….

Talk about luck – a few years before that I was driving along a major street in Richmond Hill where an upholsterer was clearing out his basement ‘leftover’ pieces.  I picked up these two chairs for my bedroom at $60 each.  They also didn’t need reupholstering.  And a charming antique slipper chair for my daughter’s room for $10.   Busy street – had to make quick decisions here too.

Chairs from a yard sale

Oh, and that chandelier…came from my good neighbour’s mother’s estate all the way from Montreal. Another $100 steal!  Didn’t need it for my dining room so I put it in my bedroom.  I removed 3/4 of the crystals just to lighten it up a bit and voila! a luxurious look for my bedroom.  (Made me giggle every time I entered it at first)

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not an impulsive buyer at all.  Nor am I a bargain shopper.  (You probably don’t believe me)  Really, I just love beautiful things.  Sometimes we get caught up in waiting for the ‘perfect’ thing.  Sometimes, ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist.  Something better will always come along.  I say if you love it, buy it and get on with it.

That’s what makes it authentically you and stylish too!


These are from Decorative Crafts. You may have seen this company advertised in Architectural Digest and Veranda.  They carry very high end product mostly from Italy and France.  These lamps originally sold for close to $900 each.  They are solid antiqued brass and cut crystal.  They only had a few left so we got an unbelievable price! Available through Lumar Interiors, these heirloom pieces cost $270! Contact us if you’re interested.  This is truly luxury meets bargain finds…..Stay tuned for more…..


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