September 19, 2012

French inspiration: It’s more than a look

It’s a way of life.

I’m no expert on Parisian style.  We were only there 10 days, but in my humble opinion Parisian chic prevailed wherever we went.  It might have been in different flavours from one neighbourhood to another but it was always about lifestyle, not just what they are wearing.  (though  that wasn’t too shabby as you can imagine)

…the way they love their cafes.…I mean everywhere.  And they were filled with  the locals leisurely reading their papers or engaged in conversation.  (Come to think of it….I don’t think I saw anyone sitting there with their Ipads or computers…hmmm?)


Hubbies enjoying the life!

.…the way they love their books….there was a bookstore on every block: mostly used ones and in French, of course.  What a shame!  I would have been in heaven if I could read them.  Though the young ladies we were with managed to find the famous Shakespeare & Co Store.

Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore

….and the way they do food...lunch is light and fresh.  Dinner is richer with sauces, but no worries, the wine dilutes it all!  Loved dinners in the Latin Quarters…full of life and locals.

Latin Quarters night life

.…the way they love good quality.  They just don’t do  ‘cheap’ in Paris.  And I’m not referring to pricing.  I mean even the very modest shops had well made clothing or shoes etc.  They take such pride in the curation and display of their merchandise.  It was early August when we were there and all the store fronts had their little signs out  announcing ‘Newest Fall Collection”.


Beautiful Displays

...the way they love their leisure time in the parkettes and gardens catching up on their daily reads.


Luxembourg Gardens

the way their morning croissants are melt in your mouth.  I just can’t bring myself to have one here yet.  The memory has to become more distant.

Pain au chocolat

...the way they do pretty….

Lauduree Paris

and the way they do history…well, what can I say.

Palace of Versailles

I now understand why everyone I talked to before I went to Paris seemed to have been there more than once.  It is definitely a place to go back to. There are too many beautiful sights to explore all in one take.  I believe in addition to their beautiful products and architecture, its their way of life that keeps people going back.  It is inspirational.   They love to be proper, do things beautifully and live in the moment to enjoy life.

And for Parisians if that means closing your shop down for the month of August, so be it…


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