March 08, 2013

Family Room Decor Update in Maple, On

The best of both worlds!  Neutral + Colour

We started a project a couple of months ago in Maple, Ontario.  The time had come for this wonderful family of 5 to update their family room.  This is a room they truly live in all the time so it had to be practical….but the ‘kids’ are well, no longer kids.  So, we made a little sophistication happen … and yes, with the input of these so called ‘kids’.

We say the ‘best of both worlds’ cause though the walls and main pieces of upholstery are neutral (see the small square textured swatch to the left below), we added some punch on a chair, cushions, drapery and wait till you see the art that’s coming!  (More on that below)

The floral was used on the drapery (that middle child has great taste :)) and the chevron and soft plaid on cushions.  The gorgeous velvet stripe (mom had to have this one)  is on the chair and cushions too.

So 80% of it is delivered but we’re still waiting for some finishing touches before I show you the whole reveal.

Want a sneak peek?

She is beautiful…don’t you think?  (Yes, I do think its a ‘she’.  lol.  We get very personal with our furnishings at Lumar.)


Notice the beautiful upholstery on the arm.

Love the patterns and sumptuous cushions!

And now part of the final reveal includes this….tada….

A beautiful floral piece of art over the sofa

I think the end result is a beautiful, warm room that’s calming with some added pattern and colour for fun.

Can’t wait to see the finished room.

Need a makeover?  Don’t want to run around from store to store?  Need to know what size furniture you need? Don’t know how to pull it altogether.  That’s what we LOVE doing…  Give us a call or [email protected]

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