March 17, 2012

Custom-made decorative cushions

Shall we talk frankly…..custom cuhions are crazy expensive.  There.  We said it….done.  But aren’t they gorgeous?


detail work


They are like icing on the cake….

Impeccable detail

They can pull the room together…

via belle maison blog

via belle maison blog

Notice the colours criss-crossed around the room above including the ceiling colour.  The sofa just wouldn’t be the same with out them.  In fact, we rarely take the cushions that come with the sofa in the same fabric.   They add nothing to the room. We love the interest that contrast colours and textures add.   Although I’ll tell you a secret.  Sometimes I have the clients take the boring matching pillows if its a family room sofa and specify that those are the only ones they are allowed to lie down and drool on.  Hence my nickname for them the ‘drool cushions’.  Let them get ratty and not our gorgous $150 ones.

Kravet fabrics and trims

Kravet fabrics and trims

And yes, sometimes the pillows can cost half the amount of the drapery….Why is that?  They are made one at a time by a professional seamstress and possibly take 2-3 hours of her day.  They are not mass produced by the hundreds on an assembly line in less than an hour.  We have to buy single inserts to make them which costs more….not 1,000 at a time.  And if you upgrade that to a feather insert, that costs a little extra.  You have to buy at least 1 1/4 yards for 2 average size pillows  and if that fabric is $100/yd…well, you can do the math.  Then 2 cushions take about 4 1/2 yards of trim.  That can be anywhere from $10/yd to $50/yd on average.  So you see, they can really add up.  But I look at it as really nice costume jewellery.  You take care of it when it costs more and it just makes the outfit!


They are always part of the package that we present.  It’s also where you can splurge with that crazy expensive gorgeous fabric.  You only need a little bit and it makes the whole room pop.  (Of course, the price of the pillows does too)  You can’t look at the cost of the individual pillows.  Consider them part of the total cost of the room to make it sing….

Greg Riggs Interiors

via Gregg Riggs Interiors

Take away those purple and gold pillows on that white sofa and well, you’d have a nice white sofa.  But with the pillows it creates a beautiful melody….

Visit our website to see more examples of custom pillows or to contact us for a consultation.



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