November 15, 2013

Bathroom Design – luxurious comfort

A bathroom is no longer simply a utilitarian room.  It has become quite the luxury space to design.

In the last couple of years we’re finding a huge increase in requests for help in designing this space.

luxury bathroom lumar interiors

Luxury bathrooms by Lumar Interiors


Follow our Pinterest Boards for loads of ideas.  Here are just a few that have caught our eye lately…

Lighting is very crucial for practical reasons of course, but aesthetically too.   Here the lighting pendants drop from the ceiling.  A good solution for times when you don’t have wall space to accomodate your favourite wall sconces.  Also looks like they’ve used a textured wallcovering to give the space warmth and interest.  And love the knobs on that cabinetry – great jewellery!

freestanding tub

 This next bathroom took a glass horizontal stacked tile and ran it veritcally.  Very cool – dramatic and modern feeling.

dark cabinetry bathroom design

Simple ideas sometimes are the best.  Love the way they’ve stacked the small subway tile on the upper half of the wall over the larger subway tile below.  Simple but effective.

spa bathroom

These light sconces are mounted on the side walls as there isn’t enough room to place them next to the mirrors.  They look great and in fact, you get to enjoy their long lean sculptural quality from this angle.  The dark cabinetry is lightened with the mirror inserts on the doors – fabulous idea!

custom vanity

Love the vintage feeling free standing vanities in the picture below.  The inlaid smaller mosaic marble tile on the floor is also a big trend right now.

marble vanities


Coloured glass tile always gives you a dramatic look.  The one below is taken from counter to ceiling.  We’ve done that in a couple of bathroom installations lately.  It creates a beautiful focal wall.  (stay tuned for some new photos in our portfolio coming soon!)  The custom marble vanity pretends to be simply utilitarian but the material, in fact, makes it quite stunning.


bathroom jamie drake

Keeping the marble on the floor same as the wall tile is a good idea with a busier grain like this one.  Its the star of the show so better not to pair it with distracting tile somewhere else.

marble bath

Not sure if the inserts to the pannelling below is a wallpaper or a stone finish but both would work beautifully.  The clean lines of the cabinetry keep it from looking too traditional.   And I love the brick patterned tile on the floor.  This expands the space and can be done with porcelain tile too for a very effective result.  (working on a project now where we are running the floor tile this way – stay tuned for pics!)

dark wood bathroom vanity

Clients are often worried that a white on white on white bathroom will look boring.  Not if you add some sparkle and texture!  In the picture below the polished chrome and bevelled plain mirrors add sparkle while the insert in the floor tile adds more texture.

white bathroom vanities

And if you don’t want white cabinetry but still want it feeling light and airy, how about a shade of blue/grey?  Beautiful colour palette in this bathroom makes for a spa like feel.

bathroom anne hepner design

 And for just plain uber-elegance check this one out!

uber luxury bathroom

 If you could design your bathroom space from scratch what would be your dream bath?

Give us a call or [email protected] if you’d like some help.

All photos taken from our Pinterest Boards.  Please visit these for original credit source.

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