February 28, 2012

A decorator’s job – kind of like giving birth

We are photographing a home in Aurora, Ontario that we’ve been working on for the last 8 or 9 months.  So why is there so much anxiety just 2 weeks before the shoot?  Well, let me count the ways….

A LOT has been done over this time…drapery, wall treatments, furniture, custom bedding, lighting, accessories, art work, area rugs….BUT  we do have a few, okay, several things to take care of.

1.  One more room to fill and fluff :  the piano/reading room.

2.  And before we do that we have to hang 18 rolls of grasscloth wallpaper in said room.

3.  10 rolls of wallpaper to hang in powder room.

4.  Art work to be finalized for piano room, hall, living room, and master bedroom.

5.  Waiting for accessories to come in from various companies across the border.

6.  Waiting for some Christopher Guy living room furniture to arrive which was ordered beginning of November.

7.  Need to hang 6 lighting fixtures.

8.  Get a bench reupholstered for master bedroom.

9.  Have a hand painted chinoiserie wall treatment done in the dining room.


Sneak peek at reading/piano room

So, admittedly, aside from the Christopher Guy furniture, everything else was ordered in the last month. We switched the wallpaper 3 times though, in order to find the perfect one AND IN STOCK.  Found.  Sometimes, these things happen for a reason…couldn’t find a more gorgeous one.  Everyone happy.  Until today.   Anyone in this business long enough knows to double and triple check everything you’ve ordered  cause somewhere along the line, the ball often gets dropped.  So today I thought I’d just check on the paper and make sure it was flying across the skies (paid extra for that service) to happily meet its new home.  Well, seems like this bird doesn’t fly direct!  Doesn’t fly to Canada so had to go through the U.S. first.  Ugh! more possibilities of that ball dropping….Its got to get on the next right plane and clear customs…..and guess what?  If all goes well it should be here four days  before the photo shoot.

Did I mention I gave up wine for Lent?

Well, how about the furniture for the piano room you say?   That was LAST Tuesday’s news.   The sofa apparently fell off a truck.  And the wood arm is cracked and chipped.  Hmmm.

Looks like the box needs some TLC

Second call that day from another supplier was no better:  the mirrored top Lillian August cocktail table…has a small crack in the corner. Hmmm again.

I wonder if decorators tend to develop high blood pressure….hahaha….better keep laughing…

Christopher Guy furniture?  well, the customer’s actual furniture isn’t due to arrive till late April.  (little late) So being the determined person that I am I decided to buy a couple of their showroom pieces for our showroom and in the meantime use them for the Aurora photo shoot.  (They were the exact same style pieces)  Remember I mentioned the ball always seems to drop.  Well, the cocktail table was in the Las Vegas showroom and the mirror in the North Carolina showroom.  Vegas people thought they should touch it up before sending it.!!!!!!….usually a nice idea, but did no one mention to them that I need this like next week?!  I can do the touch up here…

We NEED this for the living room! Isn’t she beautiful?

I don’t know if I can wait till Easter Sunday….(for my wine, I mean:))

As for the chinoiserie painting in the dining room….sublime….the only thing that went smoothly.  Daily visits to the site last week was a wonderful break from those nasty calls… and really, this room is the showstopper.


The talented Mr. Anthony Valin (right) with Gabriel (his assistant)

But let me tell you.  It WILL all get done.  The furniture WILL get replaced.  The wallpaper WILL arrive early.  And the accessories that have not yet arrived, WILL.  Just say a prayer for me, won’t you?

Stay tuned for the pretty pictures, though.  It will all be worth it.  Kind of like giving birth.  Oh and did I mention?  They are going to be featured in a beautiful magazine!  More on that later…


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