September 18, 2013

Window Treatments we’re loving!

We’re loving the following treatments and here’s why!

1.  Sheer roman blinds.  Whether soft ones as pictured in our King City Project or straight ones as seen in our Bayview Country Estates project we seem to be doing an awful lot of them lately.  They offer light diffusion and are appropriate where full privacy is not an issue.  Great solution for where you want elegance but don’t want a blind or sheers to the floor.

2.  Punchy 2 or 3 colour fabrics on romans, panels…anything.  Not everyone can handle multi-coloured floral drapery. But a two-tone most people enjoy.  These fabrics are usually printed in a main colour on a white or cream background and sometimes have varying shades of the main colour in it.  This is perfect for adding some movement and activity in a room through fabric without a lot of different colours.  Fabric with some movement in it reads happy, joyful.  Think small children playing – movement!

3.  Upholstered valance boxes with nail head trim.  Again, we seem to be on a roll with these.  If a valance is needed or wanted and you want it to have a very taut, neat finish, then upholstering a valance box is the way to go.   If its in a plain fabric then you show off the shape.  If its in a gorgeous print then you get to really enjoy the pattern.  The nail head trim can be in silver, brass, browns…whatever suits the situation.  As they say,  the devil is in the details!

4.  Flat shaped valances.  Unlike upholstered boxes these valances are loose and are only taut across the top where they are velcroed to a board.   They can be traditional or contemporary depending on the fabric and embellishments.  We’ve done them in all shapes and with or without pleats. For a more formal or finished feel to a window treatment shaped valances are the perfect solution.

5.  Banded or embellished panels.  If the budget allows we love adding dressmaker details to panels…. It simply kicks them up a notch!  In the picture below we actually made wide tab tops that we then ‘scrunched’ together in a contrast colour fabric.  This adds rich custom detail.

6.  Geometric patterned drapery. For those who simply will not stand for any kind of floral but want some pattern, geometric shapes always fit the bill.  Again they add movement and interest to a space.  When done in a linen base cloth they read relaxed and chic.

7.  Flower Infusion.  We’ve been seeing florals creep into some fabric lines for a couple of seasons now.  Its still a hard sell for most people but we predict one new fabric line is going to be a huge hit.   Known for her warm and inviting aesthetic, Sarah Richardson, has always used some pattern in her designs.  Often they have incorporated florals.  Maybe its because she is Canadian but she does it in a very ‘soft-sell’ way.   The 2-tone floral drapery below is a picture from one of her recent past designs.

This fall Kravet is introducing her fabric line!  This, too, is very soft and pretty in nature and destined to be a hit.  We think even the floral nay-sayers will love this.  Here is your sneak peek!

And finally with Mario Buatta‘s new tabletop book  chronicling 50 years of  his interior decoration, there is sure to be a resurgence in the famed chintz that Mario was so well known for.  Hence, his title ‘The Prince of Chintz’.


We’re loving florals now –  they are fresh and lively – almost avant-garde for our times, no?  We, at Lumar, are ready to embrace the florals!  Are You?  Drop us a line below and let us know.  We would love to hear from you.

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