February 06, 2013

Want to see what a few swatches of fabric convert to?

A few posts back we showed you a living room and kitchen update we were working on.  The Richmond Hill residents were gutting their kitchen and then redecorating their living and dining rooms.  See here for the full story.

 So here is what these swatches turned into……



They added the electric fireplace for a beautiful focal point and had the gorgeous painting (over the fireplace ) which we drew our colours from. They also had that great clown painting which they were hesitant about using in the living room.  But I convinced them to add it as a personal touch and a bit of humour.  It was one of their very first purchases of art years ago. We added everything else! Remember that lamp I wanted them to get?  There it is – that beautiful blue baby in the corner….

Now we are working on an area rug and accessories which will bring it all together and warm it up further.


The beautiful chairs on the other side

Here is a peek into the new kitchen.  We carried the taupes and reds from the living/dining area into here.


Looking into the kitchen


I’m thinking they are loving their home again….


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