January 21, 2013

Want a beautiful wool area rug you can afford?

 On Trend and Affordable : Flat Weave Area Rugs!

Yes, its true.  Flat weave area rugs offer colour, pattern and durability that can meet your budget.


Flat weaves are a type of rug that is made of 100% wool and is woven on a loom rather than knotted. They are known to be ‘hard wearing’ meaning they will definitely wear well in high traffic areas like your main hall or a family room.

Stains? Well take a breath and just flip it around- flat weaves are reversible!  Hide the stain until you’re ready to have it cleaned.

Colours and patterns are gorgeous.  You can find everything from natural and organic colours to strong and saturated.



With so many benefits its hard to believe how inexpensive they are.   A Surya 5’ x 8’ wool flat weave area rug starts at about $700.

Don’t know where to purchase one? Not sure of what colour or size? Give us a call at 905-508-5780 or [email protected].





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