February 16, 2012

The Well-Appointed Bedroom

Why do we love and appreciate comfortable and luxurious accomodations in hotel rooms and yet not give them nearly as much importance in our own homes?

True, we generally want to get the  main living areas done first and then the kids’ rooms take priority  and by that point you need a new roof or furnace….you get the picture.  Life happens and the bedroom is often last on the totem pole.

The talk of late seems to be about how ‘experiences’ bring you more happiness rather than ‘things’. Then how about a beautiful bedroom to retreat to at night?  Why do we ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over a beautiful bed in a hotel room?  One with amazing duvets and pillows and sheets, so smooth and soft….oh, and we love the throw at the foot of the bed that ties in with the drapery?….Maybe part of the wonderful experience of going away is enjoying the lovely accomodations.

So, perhaps, we don’t quite need a bedroom like the the Four Seasons des Bergues in Geneva……

Four Seasons Hotel des bergues, Geneva, Switzerland

But, here are our top picks to make your bedroom a wonderful experience:

1. Gorgeous bedding – whether simple or lavish but made to look pulled together (like a well-appointed hotel room)


perhaps a little linen chic casual-Eastern Accents Bedding

paisley for pattern-Eastern Accents Bedding

a hit of colour-via Tobi Fairley Design

2.  Dreamy Window Treatments – what’s the first thing you do when you enter a hotel room?  I go to the window, look out, make adjustments, let light in or black out the room….but not only are they so practical for a good night’s rest, they can dress up the room and totally add to the mood or feeling you want to create.  Custom window treatments offer the best of both: perfect function and beautiful fit.


Window treatments by Lumar Interiors

3.  Beautiful lighting – lamps on the bedside tables for reading, please, and perhaps a pretty chandelier that makes you smile when you walk in.

Murano glass lamp from Lee Jofa

simple elegance from currey and co

4. Sparkling mirrors – imagine being  in a hotel room without one?  Make them practical and stunning…they add a little sparkle to a room.  And they don’t have to ‘match’ your dresser.

Elegantly shaped – John Richard

how about one over each night stand?

5. Pretty art – to accessorize the room (besides your traditional wedding portrait that found its way there?)

soft botanicals

6. And finally, how about some sumptuous furniture to sit or lie on if you want to get away from everyone else?

So, wouldn’t it be lovely to spend a few hours  in this room?  You might even say it would be a beautiful experience…rather than a week or two a year, you can have it 365 days of the year….

via belle maison blog

A calming sight – via belle maison blog

If you would love some help in pulling together a beautiful bedroom, give Lumar Interiors a call.  We can co-ordinate and provide you with custom bedding, window coverings, furniture, accessories, lighting….everything you need to pull together a room of your dreams. www.lumarinteriors.com

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