October 10, 2012

Tapestries – Old World or New World Decor?

Apparently both.

Acanthus and Vine

When tapestries weave their way on to the fashion runways of top designers, you know they are going to be big in home decor too.  The two industries are more closely related than ever with trends in each almost occurring simultaneously now.

Not that this classic art form hasn’t been around forever; its just hitting an on-trend vibe right now.  The November issue of Elle Decor  states in its ‘Trend Alert’ page, “The art form that was all the rage in the 16th century is having a moment in the 21st, weaving its spell for a new generation”.

Trend Alert in November issue of Elle Decor

And indeed an art form it is.  On our recent trip to Paris a new appreciation of this Old World medium was formed.  Seeing these magnificent story telling pieces was awe-inspiring.  In its hey day they were used for both aesthetic and practical reasons.  The huge tapestries were easily rolled up and travelled with kings and nobleman as they moved from one residence to another.  They were draped on the walls of castles for warmth in the winter and were lavished with decorative motifs and stories.  Sometimes they had family emblems and coat of arms woven in; other times they recounted stories of war and conquer; and yet other times stories of romance.  The phrase, ‘the tapestry of life’ has much more colourful meaning now.


The Five Queen’s Bedroom in Chateau de Chenonceau, France

The oversized tapestry in the room setting below creates a dramatic backdrop for the gorgeous red Kravet sofa.  Not quite the scale of the tapestries in the bedroom Catherine DeMedici designed for her daughters above, yet show-stopping in this contemporary room.  Its old-world feel warms up the space and yet works wonderfully with the more contemporary accents in the room.

Old World Tapestry in New World Decor

Some might call the tapestry in the room above an element of surprise.  We just think it adds another layer of interest to the tapestry of life.

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