June 19, 2012

Styling ideas that say ‘wow’

Styling or accessorizing a room is like the icing on the cake.  This is where you can really give it some personality.   It is by far one of the most satisfying parts of the decorating process.  When you stop short of this it really leaves you feeling like the room is just not ‘done’.

Following are some great vignettes that really help to tell the story.  Enjoy!

1.  Re-purpose : Use a lidded jar as a vase and keep the lid next to it like an accessory.

2.  Tuck one or two stools under a large console.

3.  Go 3-d : Use vases on wall sconces for great effect.

4.  Stack pictures for impact.

6.  Group collections like this blue and white china.

7.  Add some whimsy, a talking point or something that reflects your personality or hobbies.


8.  Repeat colour to create rhythm in a room – notice the blue repeated.

9.  ALWAYS add life to a room through books, plants and flowers.  Ever see a magazine picture without these items?  Never.

All photos via Pinterest.com.  Visit our boards at http://pinterest.com/lumarinteriors/ for more decorating inspiration.

If you need help finishing up that room that doesn’t look quite ‘done’, give us a call or [email protected]




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