March 03, 2013

Master Bedroom Decorating – King City Project

After 21 years we still get excited seeing beautiful swatches of fabrics transform into a magnificent room.  I guess its true love for us.   The room usually starts with the fabrics and colours and then the ‘pretty’ happens.

In this King City project, the homeowners wanted an elegant, romantic and slightly formal feeling bedroom to retreat to.  It was a large room so a large plush upholstered headboard was the perfect solution.  We combined that with chenilles and silks in varying neutral shades.  This gave an understated but elegant feel to the room – a true reflection of the client.

The combination of gorgeous textures from velvets to silks (if you look closely the Maxwell floral striped silk even has some crystal bling on it) fulfilled our clients’ wish.  In order to give the neutral colour scheme lots of interest we combined paisleys with stripes and solids and florals….

Luxurious comforts of home


Want a close up of some of the ‘pretty’ in the room?

A beautiful hand-painted screen from Decorative Crafts

Screens are particularly wonderful in large rooms.  They can be hung on a wall or rest on the floor.  They anchor a space that can otherwise seem to be floating away.

Cabinet by John Richard


This lovely cabinet is on the far left wall which you can’t see in the photo.  The beautiful lines of the grill work repeat the curves of the paisley bedding and the pattern on the rug.

Oh and there is some beautiful upholstery in the other corner.  We reupholstered the customer’s existing pieces to work with the new home.

Velvet and tufts to repeat the sumptuous bed

There you have an understated and elegant room to reflect our busy clients and give them a restful retreat to come home to.  A room that’s ‘done’ for life, really.

At Lumar Interiors we feel that true relaxation begins at home and that’s where the ultimate comforts belong.  For more information on how we can enhance your home and your life give us a call or visit us at


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