March 05, 2013

How to choose an area rug for a bedroom

As more and more people put hardwood in their bedrooms, we’re finding there is an increased need for area rugs.  Hardwood is beautiful but it definitely feels nice to step down into something soft first thing in the morning.

So, there are two options available.

1.  Buy a ready made area rug.  They typically come in standard sizes….8 X 10, 9 X 12…. and in everything from tone on tone to busy prints.  This is where I generally opt for a quieter rug.  Whether its a wool traditional printed rug or a tone on tone tibetan made rug, softer tones in the bedroom are more soothing.

Via Century Furniture


Design by Lumar Interiors

2.  Have a custom sized one made.  You may think this is the more expensive option but most of the time it isn’t.  You basically take broadloom (the kind you use for wall-to-wall carpeting) and have it bound to size.  The more expensive the broadloom (a high end wool brand) the more the price goes up.  However, a good quality nylon often does the trick.

Via Kahn Design Group

Above you have a beautifully proportioned custom sized rug incorporating the bed, benches and leaving plenty of room to walk on.  Below, we extended the custom rug well beyond the end of the bed taking in the full length of the room.  It is also double bordered picking up on our accents colours of grey/greens.

Design by Lumar Interiors


The greatest consideration when choosing the rug for a bedroom is the size.

Ready made 9 X 12 under a King size bed

1.  In the ready made option we find either an 8 X 10 or 9 X 12 is the best route to go.  You will either run the rug length or width wise depending on the size of the room.  You want to allow for both people to step down onto the carpet when getting out of bed.  And you want it to  extend well enough beyond the foot of the bed to allow for a bench or to see the pattern if there is one.  Further, you want to avoid walking along the side of the bed with one foot on the rug and one foot off (especially if it has a thicker pile).


Custom sized to fit room


2.  Choosing the custom made option easily allows you to make the rug fit perfectly into your space.  So, for instance,  if there is 3′ between the side of the bed and a dresser, you can make the rug extend exactly 2’10” from the side of the bed. (nothing worse than having it go 1/2 way and walking half on and half off the rug)  When doing custom we like to run the broadloom just in front of the night stands and go as long as the room will allow leaving a border of floor showing on the other side too.  And remember, the greater the expanse of carpet the bigger the room will feel.  The more you chop up that floor, the smaller it will feel.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a decorator is that they will take budget, function and aesthetics into account.  Their aim is not to just sell you a rug.  They want a beautifully finished space that works well too.

At Lumar Interiors we believe your home should be where true relaxation begins and the ultimate comforts belong.  Give us a call or visit













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