February 04, 2013

Fashion and Decor

Two beautiful coffee table books came my way this past Christmas:  one on fashion, the other on home decor.   My friends and family know me too well.

An old friend from the past gave me “In Vogue, The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine”.  Gorgeous….I’ve enjoyed looking at old images from past editions and magazine covers and reading about the evolution of this world-renown magazine.  I’m a self proclaimed magazine-aholic.  As a young girl I can remember swooning over the glossy pages of Vogue.  (I even have a few issues from the late 70’s and early 80’s somewhere in my cabinets).  Then in the late 80’s/early 90’s I started to collect home decor magazines too. (surprise!)  One of my favourite keepsakes from the past is my black and gold covered Architectural Digest from 1990, our first year in business.


1990 AD100 Architectural Digest Special Edition

What better teachers could you ask for?  Studying  thousands of rooms done by design icons over the years can’t help but train the eye.  It trains the eye to understand colour, proportion, repetition, contrast, scale…all the principles of design…better than any school course could ever teach.

The fashion and decor world have always been very much intertwined. However, years ago it would take a couple of seasons for the decor trends to catch up to the fashion trends.  Now the trends emerge virtually simultaneously.  Fashion + Decor, a website that we follow brings us regular updates on runway trends and then artfully pairs them with emerging home decor trends.  If you follow Lumar on Facebook you might have seen our re-postings.  If you love fashion and decor like we do, then this website is a feast for the eyes! Have a look here.

Keeping your finger on the pulse is easier than ever.  On trend this spring is definitely going to be an influx of floral.  Fashion + Decor vividly brought this to our attention with the photo below.  From the pre-fall 2013 runways, Carolina Herrera dresses are sporting what those of us from the 80’s remember as floral chintz!

Carolina Herrera


And the more we looked around, the more we started to see it pop up in home decor.  Below it is paired with a modern herringbone.


Via Pinterest


The back of this wing chair is upholstered in a beautiful green chintz from Lauren Weiss.  The front of it done is done in a solid – again a more contemporary feel to a traditional pattern.  The florals will look a little different from the ones of the 80’s, of course.  Things always come back a little different….the colours, the scale or the base cloths.  I’m not sure we’ll be seeing the shiny chintz cloth of the 80’s but many of those patterns will be re-coloured and printed on linen base cloths.


Lauren Leiss Via Pinterest


According to Marisa Marcantonio of Stylebeat blog, the  Lee Jofa front showroom in the New York Design Centre has been redecorated to sport happy colours and yes, an iconic Lee Jofa floral print on the love seat.


Lee Jofa Showroom via Stylebeat blog


Now Carolina Herrera and Lee Jofa may be on the high end of fashion and decor…but that’s where the trends always start.  So the average person isn’t going to run out and reupholster their sofa  in a new floral print just yet, but give it a little time and you will see many more jump on the bandwagon.

If you get the urge to add a little floral to your life, give us a call or [email protected].  Spring is around the corner…..

Stay tuned to find out about the second book I received for Christmas 🙂



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