• Suzanne C Fournier
    January 17, 2014 at 1:43 pm  / Reply

    I personally love the colors Kips Bay Showhouse. It is alive, vibrant, a big change from the brown tone and beige and now more recently the grey and greige.
    Not every room could take all those vibrant colors at once, some could do the accent only .

    Adding warm greens to a beige room, makes to space much warmer. The contract is minimal making the room very relaxing.
    Adding turquoise- green to a beige room , make a space vibrant and fresh. The contrast is elegant,and modern.
    Change are exciting for designers and home owners…We all need changes in our lives, I find the NEW colors are very adaptable to our existing homes.
    Suzanne C Fournier

    • Hi Suzanne, You’re right. Both ways have their merits – up to the homeowner and what they are comfortable with. Trends are there for us to use as much or as little of.
      thanks for commenting!

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