November 29, 2013

Chandeliers and wall sconces to light up your life

The chandelier can be a real statement maker.  It physically takes centre stage in a room’s decor and can be very powerful.

Currey and Co. is one of our favourite suppliers for lighting options that are truly legacy pieces.

Currey & Co lighting Lumar Interiors

Currey and Co lighting used in King City and Aurora Classic projects by Lumar Interiors


It is an investment  – not to say that it has to be expensive.  But it certainly isn’t easily changed or moved around like a table lamp.  So, it must stand the test of time not something bought on a whim.  Rather it should really speak to your style and not be the latest trend.

Nor does it have to look like your grandmother’s fixture.  A good quality, well designed lighting fixture will look great for years in the right space.  You might like a contemporary feel to your room with a little star power.  The elegant chic lines of this one might be up your alley.



currey & co chandelier

The wall sconce is very important in its supporting role.  Not only is it wonderful for soft ambient lighting, but it can add beautiful detail to a wall :  perhaps, flanking a piece of art or either side of a buffet.

currey & co wall sconce interior decor

The sphere shaped light fixture has been popping up with every manufacturer in the last couple of years.  Currey & Co takes this trend and gives it classic appeal.  This hand carved wood fixture has an architectural feel to it and really is a piece of art.

currey & co chandelier interior designer

This wall sconce would look amazing with the above piece.  It has a relaxed feel yet, exudes elegance with the pearl beads flowing from it.

currey and co wall sconce

For a more tailored look the hanging shade is a very smart look.  Its a particular favourite of ours in libraries and home offices.

currey and co hanging shade

We would probably team up something like this wall sconce with the above light:  tailored but shapely.

currey & co wall sconce

This chandelier is our running favourite right now.  It has been spec’d on two dining room projects.  It has presence and elegance without all the bling of crystals.  A timeless piece.

currey & co chandelier interior decorator

Very chic candle sconces to match…

currey lighting wall sconce

or, don’t get ‘matching’ sconces.  Instead add this stately scroll sconce to your wall.

currey and co wall sconce

Been to Paris and want to re-create that parisian feel?  Try this piece.  Carved wood and elegant painted glass drops.

currey chandelier parisian lumar interiors

Understated elegance, non?

currey and co wall sconce mansion

Or want to make a dramatic splash?  Try this empire-styled crystal chandelier.  I personally love to use this one in both contemporary or traditional decor.

currey and co. lighting empire style interior design

And mirrored candlestick sconces – to die for!

currey and co wall sconce lighting mirrored

I can see all of these pieces having lasting appeal in a well-designed space.  The more modern one at the top will always look wonderful if its in the right setting.  The very formal empire style one at the end will also look at home in the right dining room for years.  These fixtures could easily belong in both a 30-40 year old issue  of Architectural Digest, the industry’s highest marker of excellence in design, as well as a current day space.

Need help in selecting lighting fixtures for your home?  Lumar Interiors can help.  [email protected]

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