January 02, 2013

Celebrating gratefulness

I believe some people call it celebrating successes.  I prefer to call it celebrating gratefulness.  In this busy, success-driven world we tend to forget about all the things to be grateful for.  We should definitely be grateful for our successes (big or small) but also for a lot of other good things that happen throughout the year.  Sometimes the not-so-good things seem to stand out.  So when I came across this idea I thought it was brilliant!

Place a clear jar or vase in a visible area.  I chose my home desk cause I go there every morning and every evening.  Here you will drop notes documenting great things that happen to you throughout the year. (I was contemplating a beautifully decorated vessel but then realized I wouldn’t be focussing on the ‘gratefulness’ part of the exercise.  So make sure its clear so you can see your notes build!)


I encouraged my kids to do the same (they are a little older than that picture on the desk….).  And as I explained it to them, the notes can be about anything that you are thankful for:  a cup of coffee that a friend buys you, a school test you do well on, exercise goals that we achieve, fantastic dinners that we cook, a super client that we are working with, a great trip that we go on, an understanding spouse, a child who makes you laugh, a cozy home to come home to ….. It could be a daily ritual or whenever it strikes your fancy.  Just watch your gratefulness grow!

Then, on New Year’s Eve 2013, we can open up our container full of notes and remind ourselves of all the great things that happened throughout the year:  all the things we should be grateful for and the many little things that are easy to forget.

Wishing you  loads of things to be grateful for in 2013!

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