October 21, 2012

Artwork in home decor.

I love artwork.

Whether it be a poster, a painting, a lithograph or photography, it can add so much to a space even changing the feel or mood.

It can add colour like it did in this Aurora home we did last year.  The neutral warm furnishings was punctuated by the pillows, carpet and art!

Family Room by Lumar Interiors


Or in this Richmond Hill home, the otherwise quiet mood of the space was given a real lift by the beautiful art that you can enjoy from both the living and dining rooms.

Living/Dining room by Lumar Interiors


It can complement a soothing, calm space.  The pair over the sofa pulled the soft colour palette together.

Living Room by Lumar Interiors


It can add a touch of whimsy.  In this dressing/makeup space the homeowner got a real feminine feel.

Dressing Area by Lumar Interiors


And it can add drama to a monochromatic space like it did in this luxurious marble ensuite bath.

Ensuite Bath by Lumar Interiors


Or sometimes, a grouping is needed to fill a space and add interest.

Living Room by Lumar Interiors


And then there is Mona.  Now she falls into that moody, mysterious place.


Mona Lisa at the Louvre, Paris

What an honour to have seen her at the Louvre in Paris this past summer.  I never really quite ‘got’ her until I saw her in person:   a captivating masterpiece.

Though art is such a personal thing, you may want help in selecting some for your home.  Most people know the type of subject matter they like (landscapes vs figurative…etc) but need help sourcing it and finding the right size.  With over 20 years in the business Lumar Interiors has found some fabulous sources….give us a call or [email protected]



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