April 12, 2011

An Interior Decorator’s job: all fluff and frivolity, or not?

There’s no place like home.

Don’t you find that even after a great vacation it feels so good to turn on to your street and approach your house?  Whether you were on a wonderful European vacation or a short stay at a Caribbean resort, there’s nothing like opening up that front door.  That’s because it’s more than just a building, it’s your home.  And there’s no place like it.

It’s your place to cuddle or nap and your place to eat (even if youorder in); it’s your place to read, watch TV or surf the net;  it’s your place to have people over (some might call it entertaining); and it’s your safe haven that holds a lot of memories.

Like many of us, I’ll never forget September 11, 2001.  We were with our American associates at a mini conference by the Toronto airport.  Needless to say, the conference was cut short and off to ‘home’ we went.  Not only do I remember where I was that day, I’ll never forget how I felt and what I did.  I had this compelling feeling to tidy up our ‘nest’:  fluff pillows, fold throws, put away toys and cook a nice dinner.  Yes, CNN was on in the family room with minute-by-minute updates, but I was getting my safe haven ready for my family to come home to.

As I look back on that day, I realize that our job as interior decorators is actually not all fluff and frivolity.  The concept of ‘making’ a home has deep meaning.  Four walls and a roof is a house or apartment.  To make a house a home you need people (at lease one), and some comforts to cover our needs (basic for some, luxurious for others).  Furthermore, our dwellings reflect who we are to some degree (at least as much as our canvas tote or our Louis Vuitton bag and probably more) and they can influence our behaviours and emotions.  So to help someone make their house a home is a great privilege.  We can help them express themselves and help them make their home function better.

In this fast paced world that we find ourselves in, I believe that your home should be where true relaxation begins and all the comforts belong.  Aside from vacation time, we are in it 48-50 weeks a year.  When you walk in that front door, whether after a vacation or after a day at work, you want to be able to smile.

An interior decorator’s job is to help you create that feeling.  The art of interior decoration can take hours /days/weeks or months to execute depending on the task at hand.  It is really an on-going project.    Sometimes you are working on a whole room;  sometimes just some accessories or sometimes major maintenance or renovation.  Having a decorator help you should ease the burden of making so many decisions.  The process should be an enjoyable one like planning a vacation or a wedding. Yes, it can get hectic.  And the fact that there are so many choices available can actually make it harder.  You may have an idea of what your needs are (furniture to sit on, window coverings for privacy…etc).  You just need someone to help you make the best choices.  You can hide a dress that doesn’t quite fit in the back of a closet, but it’s hard to hide a sofa that doesn’t fit the room properly.  A decorator should help you achieve the proper function and desired feel of the space you love.

So next time someone suggests that decorating your home is frivolous, ask them how much time they spend there.  I think it makes sense to give it some attention,  cause there’s no place like it.

Just ask Dorothy.

Stay tuned for our future post series on “What every home needs” according to Lumar Interiors.  We would love to hear from you.  What makes your home, where true relaxation begins and all the comforts belong?

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