December 10, 2012

4 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Don’t you find you crave simplicity more and more….?  Yet, the holidays seem to get busier and crazier.  So here are a few no-brainer ideas to decorate your home this season and get you and your family in the holiday spirit.

1.  Buy a few large statement pieces and just pull them out year after year.  

The trees below offer a lot of impact at about 30″ tall.


Family Room console in our 2012 Holiday Home


More trees in the dining room….


Trees on dining room sideboard of Holiday Home 2012


2.  Have some beautiful ornaments on hand to fill the EXISTING bowls around your home.

Save them in separate bags at the end of the season and label them so you know where they belong the following year.  Or don’t label them and just rearrange the following year based on what feels right then.


Two large glittery pine cones fill existing living room bowl




Christmas balls in existing living room bowl



Existing hurricane lamp filled with Christmas cheer on family room ledge



3.  Use lots of pretty ribbon to make anything feel special

….like its all wrapped up!  You can tie ribbons around candlestick lamp posts, pillows on a hall bench, lanterns….


Ribbon-tied favour boxes on our Holiday 2012 dining room table



A beautiful bow and christmas balls add holiday cheer to existing family room lantern



4.  Use lots of fresh Christmas greens

Use leftover branches of greens from your Christmas tree or front door swags and fill a vase.  Or, you can buy fresh greens now at most large grocery stores.


Battery packed candles (LOVE) sitting on living room ledge with a few fresh green branches and Christmas baubles



Fill an existing vase with fresh holiday greens and add some magnolia leaves to a bowl of Christmas balls


Once you have a tree, some bowls filled with Christmas balls and pinecones,  and some greenery you are pretty much done.

Now remember to take the time to sit and enjoy it – yes, your home, where true relaxation begins and the luxury of comfort belongs.




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